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Postnatal Yoga with MummyYoga
New Parent

In this class you will learn how to gain strength, flexibility and agility back after pregnancy and birth. This class is designed for women who may have recently given birth. Whether you are new to yoga or have a strong practice this postnatal class will help you rebuild your strength and flexibility over time. There will be a range of options within each posture to cater for all abilities and journeys. We respect your mothering space and will help you build your practice through a gentle yet thorough instruction. In this class you will build your breath awareness and learn to modulate your breathing to help you manage the day to day stress of mothering. We will also focus on building a strong core, a healthy pelvic floor and incorporate some deep stretches and relaxation too. This class to leave you feeling strong, resilient and totally relaxed. This class is suitable from 6 weeks postpartum but, if you feel well and wish to start earlier please speak to your GP/health visitor as many women do not have any issues starting a gentle practice sooner. Please also inform your teacher if you are starting this class sooner than 6 weeks postpartum.
Keep me close babywearing yoga
New Parent

In this class you will learn how to bond with your baby through the power of breath. We will practice gentle, safe and connected yoga that will incorporate your baby both actively and passively throughout the class. You will be able to strengthen your core and improve your natural posture which will in turn help with your mothering needs throughout the day and night. Apart from these physical benefits, your baby will learn how to regulate their emotions through your breath and centred emotional seat. The main aim is to have fun and incorporate all the above elements of the practice without any expectations. Most often its expectations that kills results. Please ask the teacher if you need any assistance with safe sling wearing techniques before the class starts. We prefer you wear soft mouldable slings with good structure such as the 'Marsupi' rather than rigid carrier type slings. But you can choose any sling that works for you and your baby as long as it is safe.