Laura Evans

I live in Chester, Cheshire with my husband and my three boys. Being the mother of three boys means we spend a lot of time outdoors!

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy by playing netball, practising yoga and walking our three Labradors! I enjoy organising parenting events in the community and volunteer for The National Childbirth Trust (NCT), signing up local businesses as breastfeeding friendly.

As a mother I understand that babies don’t come with a manual. Those early weeks can be especially challenging as you and your baby learn to navigate your way through your new life together. When I felt stressed or anxious that I was doing the best for my baby, someone once said to me ‘just remember, you are the centre of the universe to a tiny human you made from scratch. You are kind of a big deal!’ That gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and believe in myself.​

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful gift… it calms, it nourishes and it builds relationships. If in doubt….offer the breast.

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Upcoming Classes with Laura Evans

Virtual Baby Clinic with Laura
New Parent

Our virtual baby clinic is led by Laura our resident Health Visitor and Lactation consultant who can help with any of the following: Reflux , Introducing solid food, Wind/ colic, Sleep, Routine, Breastfeeding, Formula feeding, Combination feeding, Maternal mental health, Developmental milestones, Faltering growth, Allergies and any Common ailments. Just drop by and have all your questions answered, while also connecting with others who may well be in the same boat. So pop on the kettle and pop by.